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BeamOn LA IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) & Large Laser beams Beam Profiler Complete system for Laser Beam... Read more
Lateral Offset Device (LOD) To complete the line of the optical alignment a new device is offered. The LOD cancels the offset between... Read more
M² HP Beam Analysis A new system for High Power laser measurement on line for both focused and collimated beams, based on the... Read more
BeamOn U3 Duma Optronics is proud to launch the first combination of a large scale Beam Profiler (1/1.2 inch)... Read more

Sophisticated Optronics instrumentation by Duma Optronics, focusing on your laser measurement application.

Duma Optronics offers three main product lines, covering your laser measurement needs:

Beam profilers providing beam profiles, beam size, beam position.
Direct laser beam measuring from less than 0.5µm and up to 15mm. Indirect measurement of laser beams or solar images up to a few meters in dimension. M² measurement system and divergence meter are also offered.

High power beam analysis product line for measuring up to 5kW lasers, providing beam profiles, beam size, beam position and real time power measurement. The product line contains the Beam Analyzer, BeamOn and uBeam, offered with a special air pressure cooled beam sampler technology.

Beam positioning providing measurement of optical beam position and power with the SpotOn Family. 

Beam alignment  providing;
Simultaneous measurement of both position and angle with the Alignmeter.
Alignment of optical beam angle with the Anglemeter.
Measurements of minute optical surfaces deviations with the Electronic Autocollimator .
The LaserOn, an alignment laser completes the positioning and alignment line.





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